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We're on a mission to reduce the carbon footprint of industries by up-cycling, recycling, and re-purposing inventory while giving men a fresh purpose in life to live a meaningful life.

Recycling Men By Re-purposing Your Inventory

We re-purpose inventory creatively, reducing waste and benefiting the planet
Preserving Nature
Preserving Nature
Reducing your stress by handling that excess inventory for you
Re-purposing Waste
Re-purposing waste
Giving Men a Fresh Purpose by Giving a Fresh Purpose to the Inventory That You Give Us
Transforming Lives
Transforming lives
Man tired of working in the store

Are you Drowning in Unwanted Inventory?

Your warehouse is on the brink, overflowing with excess inventory that's not just taking up space but devouring your profits. The weight of surplus goods has become an unwelcome burden, causing financial stress and raising alarms about its environmental impact.

But you're not alone in this struggle. Many business owners, just like you, find themselves trapped in a never-ending battle to manage surplus inventory. This constant tug-of-war affects more than just your bottom line; it impacts your peace of mind and the planet's health

Two Birds with one Stone

Zero Waste: Your Inventory, Their Fresh Start

At Zero Waste Solutions and Recycling, we turn your inventory overload into an opportunity to impact the world. We reduce industry's carbon footprint by Up-cycling, Recycling, and Re-purposing inventory through our Job Training Program, with Fresh Purpose LLC. We recycle 'post-prison citizens,' by employing them at our warehouse for 2 years. In doing so, we rejuvenate their lives with a Fresh Christian Purpose and help them become acceptable and productive members of society.

How we do it

Ware house
Warehousing and Distribution
Job training
Job Training Program
Up cycling a repurposing
Up-cycling and Repurposing
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Green world

Our Unique approach

We believe in recycling people by recycling your product. This means that when you choose to work with us, you're not just making an environmentally responsible choice; you're also contributing to the transformation of individuals who are striving for a fresh start

Every piece of inventory you entrust to us serves a dual purpose. It becomes an opportunity for someone to rebuild their life and find fresh purpose. Our job training program, Fresh Purpose LLC, is at the heart of this change. We take post-prison citizens through a comprehensive process that spans two years, emphasizing 200% accountability.

Our peer-to-peer community is a supportive and trans-formative environment where integrity, honesty, and reliability are nurtured. Through this program, we provide what is often the first healthy model of family that our men have experienced, driving lasting change


We believe your inventory can impact lives

Ready to make a difference? Reach out to our program director, Patrick Matthew, or our dedicated team, and let's embark on a journey of recycling with purpose.

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